After gaining a 2:1 in French, Spanish and Business from the University of Nottingham, I moved to Paris in 2012 where I spent two years working in digital marketing and honing my French. 


After moving back to London in 2014, I joined e-commerce site, where I managed the marketing strategy of more than 50 key accounts. The experience was hugely valuable and I acquired skills in client management, email marketing, SEO, social media management and data-led reporting.  It also gave me a truly digital outlook, an understanding of how websites are run and a commercial nous that I would not have acquired if I had gone directly into journalism.


But I had always known I wanted to go into journalism - I had always been a news junkie, a keen writer and avid storyteller - and in 2015, it dawned on me that dream would never be realised unless I took the plunge and retrained. 



I undertook my NCTJ at News Associates in early 2016 and thankfully, it was exactly what I had been expecting - fast-paced, full of variety and intensely rewarding.

During my course, I carried out some freelance work on the side, and quickly landed a front-page story in The Sun, which was named the "best scoop of the year"at the 2016 NCTJ awards. I was also first in my class to achieve 100 words-per-minute in shorthand and achieved gold standard in all of my core modules.

Off the back of my successes during my training, I quickly gained the confidence to start cold-calling newsdesks and before long I had regular shifts at ITV, IBTimes and the Sunday Mirror. I also undertook commissions for BuzzFeed, Broadly and The New European. Towards the end of 2016, I started shifting at The Independent and soon after, I was offered a permanent contract to join their small roster of staff reporters. 

Since June 2017, I have been the lead reporter on the Grenfell Tower fire. The role has been both harrowing and fulfilling, and I feel proud that I have been able to give voice to a community that has been so underserved for so long. This attitude really helped me cultivate a pool of loyal contacts on the ground who know they can trust me in presenting their stories. I've secured multiple front pages in this role and take ownership of The Independent’s editorial coverage of this story. I regularly produce news features, interviews and written and video reports from public meetings in this role. 

In October 2017, I was also appointed to lead The Independent’s Christmas food poverty campaign.The role required me to produce one exclusive story a day around the subject, manage the visual, SEO and social media strategy of the campaign, curate the bespoke content hub, and liaise with teams at group level from the Evening Standard and London Live. 

Working at The Independent has also given me a platform to speak about the issues I care about most. In 2014, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, a disease where cells normally found in the womb are found elsewhere in the body. It is hugely painful and has changed my life in a big way. I write regularly about my experience and feel proud to represent a community of sufferers that often don't have the platform to expose the daily realities of living with a chronic illness.

In my spare time, I am a keen amateur singer and enjoy participating in open mic nights. My music taste is varied and you could find me singing anything from George Michael’s Careless Whisper to Nina Simone’s version of Feeling Good. I am also a classically-trained dancer and hold an advanced ISTD ballet diploma. I enjoy the escapism of attending weekly classes and immersing myself in the music. I am also an enthusiastic seamstress and work on long-term dressmaking projects when I find the time.

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